Smile of the child christmas shop

Smile of the Child Christmas 2015

When I contacted The Smile of the Child in Magoulades on 14th December to ask what they needed for the children , we had about 200 euros in the kitty !
They asked if it could be possible to take the children shopping again, as we had done in the summer.

I thought it was impossible to raise the funds with only 10 days to go but how wrong was I!Sally

In just 10 days with the help of you caring people in Corfu , and Holland and even from an oil rig in the North sea ( one chap donated his Christmas bonus ) , WE DID IT and more .

Where the money came from :

Halloween Collection

Sailing Holidays
Christmas Raffle

Christmas Raffle

June & Monique Vincent

Sallys Bar
Donations & Collection Jar

Grand Total


The children shopped on Christmas Eve and were absolutely thrilled to choose coats , boots , shoes , clothes , pyjamas , slippers , underwear and socks . We also chose throws for the settees .

Katie Lemon Raising Money For Charity at Sallys Bar

The shop gave us a generous discount and we paid a total of
€1, 265 . 00 euros

So we still have €406 . 10 in the kitty !

I will be visiting with June and Monique in the next few days , to deliver books and gifts which were also donated . We can ask them what they need with the remaining cash.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made this all possible.

Smile of the Child Christmas 2015